We eat, sleep and breathe clay….

Yes, we’re still here.  Yes, we’re still working!
We thought wintertime would bring us some time to take it at a slower pace, but actually it’s never been this hectic.

We’re trying out some new concepts, some new glazes and we are making small improvements to our new pots.

The past few weeks we had quite some assignments that consume most of our time.
Veke is working all day on a home collection and I’m working till bed time on a new batch of bonsai pots that’ll soon be online.
The piece de résistance is a new dragon pot that I hope to be ready by the end of next month.  At least…. when all goes right with drying, firing and glazing.

You’ll soon hear from us again. 🙂



7 thoughts on “We eat, sleep and breathe clay….

  1. Hallo, ik lees dat je een nieuw drakenpotje maakt. Kijk uit naar het resultaat (misschien ben ik deze keer wel in staat om het te kopen) Peter

    • Hey Peter!
      Deze pot is een stuk groter en veel meer in detail uitgewerkt dan de vorige exemplaren. Je ziet hem binnen enkele weken wel online komen. Geniet vd winterperiode in Schotland!
      Blij nog iets van je te horen!

  2. It must be catching at this time of year as I am also in the middle of making some dragon pots for my stand at the Noelanders Trophy in 2015

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