Proud to present our new studio

Even more passionate about what we do in our totally renewed ceramic studio….

It took some weeks to improve our new studio, but in the end we’re quite happy with the result.  We’re planning some more details in the next few weeks (some tiles above the sink, framing a work from Stacy Allen Muse, ….), but most important: we’re glad to be back in business.

This is our zen space, where we can truly focus on what’s important for us: the creation of authentic, one-off ceramic products.  Our studio has doubled in space, we repainted it and got some new furniture.
For us, it was important that our studio got a lot cosier and focused on efficiency, with a seperate room for glazing and sanding our works.

And our two biggest fans, Zinah and Milly, got their own bed, so they can be with us while we’re at work.  Oh yes, they love it.

The stock is now on the same floor, what makes it far easier and less risky while moving the works back and forth between the different production stages.

Our new works will be for sale quite soon! 🙂


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