My new kusamono

Kusamono in a Makisada accent pot.
(wild orchid: Dendrobium Abberans / plant + pot: approx. 10 cm.)


Kusamono is a Japanese term which means :
Kusa = grass, Mono = plant or thing.
An arangement in Japan is but complete if presented in combination with small, artful objects. These can be little figures, scrolls or accent plants. Centuries ago it all started with the presentation of local mountain grasses. Nowadays amateurs tend to use small blooming plants.

An accent plant can be a solitair, a plant in a pot or a combination of several small plants that create some kind of mini landscape.

When making a composition of several accent plants, one should pay attention that not all plants are of the same size.

White stands for purity, a sanctuary, noble gesture, loyalty.


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